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Online Marketing Newbie Stephanie, 8Xs Her Website Hits Via Unpaid Search

When COVID-19 forced Stephanie to take her retail store online, she felt completely lost. Up until she joined Growth Velocity Academy and fast-tracked her skills and business! Here’s her story:

Stephanie was used to physically interacting with her customers. The moment they stepped into the store, she was in her element.

She knew exactly what to do.

But when it came to bringing her business online, she struggled. 

Although she already had an online presence, she’d never focused on it. And because of that, her online marketing efforts weren’t producing the results she wanted.

Stephanie realized she had to upgrade her digital marketing skills. 

Her friend Celeidh had experienced great results with the Growth Velocity Academy (GVA) Digital Marketing Bootcamp. And it sounded like just the solution Stephanie needed for her marketing problems.

Who: Stephanie
Date Joined: 3rd of August

Problem To Solve:

She was used to interacting with her customers face to face. When circumstances forced her to bring her business online, she was lost.  

She also only had a basic knowledge of marketing online. Most of which she’d learned from tutorial videos on Youtube. 

While Stephanie knew about Google Analytics, Google ads, and Facebook ads, she wasn’t using them correctly. She was also wasting a lot of money.

How She Overcame it:

She joined the GVA Bootcamp, where she learned how to analyze her website. 

We taught her how to look at what goes on behind a website. Specifically, the things that drive traffic (her clients) in, such as SEO. 

She also learned to focus on knowing her real customers. Now, she can identify the strategies that will drive traffic to her ecommerce site.

Did it work? It certainly did!

Her organic searches,or traffic that’s directed to her website without any kind of paid advertising on her part, went up by almost 800% after applying what she learned from GVA bootcamp.

This is a great foundation for her ecommerce business that she can take to the next level.

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