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Hit the Jackpot with High-Tempo Tests

Why do people give up on marketing ideas?

It’s simple – because they don’t work, right?

You try one or two things and then throw in the towel if you don’t see the results you want.

If this is how you approach it, you’re making a big mistake.

In the past couple of blog posts, I showed you how to rob and duplicate a great model and make it work for you. This strategy has brought us massive success time and again.

I also explained its key components: that you need to find ‘Craic’ inside your business and motivate people to want more of it.

During this second stage, you’ll come up with tons of creative ideas & experimenting. But here’s the thing:

Reality is, a lot of these ideas will NOT work 😂.

Hey, at least I’m telling it you to straight 😉

Annnnnd… You may feel like quitting as a result.

But I suggest you do something completely different.

Don’t quit. Keep Experimenting.

Because eventually, some of those experiments will work.

We call this concept High-Tempo Testing. And this is the third key component of the model.

We basically take an idea and run experiments every week or so. This is how we implement a whole bunch of things to see what works.

Now of course it’s not that we WANT our ideas to fail, but rather...we understand that experimenting is all part of the process. Because the moment we get one right, that successful idea will far outweigh all the bad ones.

Imagine if we’re to stop at experiment #36 when #37 would get us the results that we need. We would’ve never achieved the amazing results we’ve achieved.

This is exactly how you should approach your marketing.

Brainstorm lots and lots of ideas, and then run them through high-tempo tests.

Sure, some will work ok, some may not have a big impact at all. But the 20% that work can be all you need to achieve your growth goals.

The truth is that you never know when the next idea will be the one that launches your business into the stratosphere. Transforms your business. So play the numbers game, test ideas at high tempo, and you can expect to hit the jackpot at any moment.

Speak soon,

Howard ‘Idea Factory’ Kingston

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