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How Celeidh Took Back Control of her Business and Did the Marketing Herself

Celeidh is an entrepreneur who owns a children’s tableware brand. She joined Growth Velocity Academy to pivot online and grow her business Digitally. Here’s her story:

Before Celeidh learned about us, she had been paying agencies to do her marketing.

But what she didn’t realise is that she could have been doing her own marketing the whole time! That would have saved her a whole lot of money.

If you’ve been doing the same, know that it’s never too late

Who: Celeidh

Joined: 6th April

Problem To Solve:

Celeidh used to be an entrepreneur who didn’t have the necessary marketing skillset to launch and market her own brand. Despite being the one who understands the values she wanted to convey, she used to pay others to do her marketing.

But then, we stepped in and showed her not only how she can save money and market her own products but also achieve better results!

How She Overcame it:

The GVA Digital Marketing bootcamp taught her how to use Facebook Ads and Google Analytics.

Thanks to her new marketing skills, she grew her following by almost 2,000 on her page and made £2,000 on her website.

And she had only launched it on Facebook to her friends and family. She hadn’t even gotten to the ads part yet.

Our course also taught her how to analyse and understand her results, and how to set budgets. That’s how she learned she may have been spending money on the wrong things. Soon, she was able to redirect it to what works for her business.

Best of all, she now has more time for her family!

That’s why she’s such a strong believer in the benefits that our course brings.

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