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How Malak Demystified Digital Marketing for Her App

Malak is the founder of an invoicing app. She joined Growth Velocity Academy to supercharge her marketing powers & got great results. Here’s her story:

When she had just started her business, it was all trial-and-error for her.

She wanted to learn more about how to market her product. But she was sceptical about online courses.

There are so many courses out there, and most of them only impart theoretical knowledge. They don't give you the necessary tools to actually put what you’ve learned into practice.

What’s the point of knowing the theories if you don’t have the skills to apply them?

That’s where we stepped in with the GVA Digital Marketing Bootcamp. Here, students get guidance from experts that have more than 20 years of experience in the field. These experts guide them step-by-step in applying what they learned.

It may be intensive, but it’s because you’re learning and already applying what you’ve learned at the same time. More importantly, you develop skills by learning from the best.

Who: Malak

Joined: 25th May

Problem To Solve:

Malak knew that it’d come down to marketing if she wanted to reach the right audience. Since she has a digital product, she also knew that she should focus her marketing through digital means. The problem was that she was very familiar with product development and user experience, but had no knowledge of marketing, especially of digital marketing.

How She Overcame it:

She chose our specific course that targeted digital marketing. And what she loved about it was that we were not only telling her what to do but also showing her how to do it.

Malak didn't only join an incredible community and learn about digital marketing. She also learned how to be more organised and set clear goals for her business.

Furthermore, she learned how to plan ahead. She now knows what campaigns she wants to do in a week, a month, and even in six months’ time.

Our client has picked out the right campaigns to launch in the next two weeks. She now understands how she can get to where she wants to be.

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