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How Nahla Advanced Her Digital Skillset to Stay In-Demand

Nahla is a professional marketer and has been so for year. She decided to enrol in our Digital Marketing Bootcamp to enhance her digital marketing skills. Here’s her story:

You can be in the industry for years and still want to upgrade your knowledge and learn more. Afterall, learning is a never ending journey, especially for Marketers! Check out what we managed to do for Nahla.

Who: Nahla 


Problem To Solve:

Our client’s problem was that she didn’t have much experience in digital communication. That may sound surprising since she'd been in this line of work for about 15 years. 

She’d specifically worked with advertising agencies for a very long time. But whenever a client required something related to digital communication, she would delegate it to a colleague. And that lack of confidence cost her money.

One day, she finally made up her mind to improve her digital skillset and that’s where we stepped in.

How She Overcame it:

Nahla went with the GVA Bootcamp - probably the best decision she could make as a freelancer.

For her, the best thing about the course was the hands-on knowledge transfer. The coaches will help you apply the things you learned and test out strategies.

After the bootcamp, Nahla brought what she learned to work for her clients. Is it any surprise that she managed to increase the SEO rankings for all of her clients?

The course helped her gain the skills necessary for testing what works for her business.

Here’s her best result so far:

One of her clients previously wasn't anywhere near the first page of Google search results. But after Nahla’s efforts, it soon ranked second. This means her client’s website now appears near the top of the list when a user searches for specific search terms.

Their click-through rate, which measures how many clicks an ad gets each time it gets seen by people, also improved as a result. 

And all of that from only one paid ad campaign, a kind of advertising where you pay search engines to feature your ad to increase its visibility.

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