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How Nesreen Made $1,500 by Spending $20

After 20 years of working in corporate sales, Nesreen decided to start her own business. But she managed to get completely lost.

Four years ago, she started her startup, a ‘barter network’. And she worked with many agencies that all promised to help her business grow. Unfortunately, she failed to see any meaningful results most of the time. None of the agencies took the time to truly understand her brand.

Eventually, Nesreen took matters into her own hands. She decided to learn how digital marketing works so that the business could finally take off.

Who: Nesreen

Date Joined: August 2020

Problem to Solve:

Nesreen worked with five different marketing agencies in the hope that they’d help her succeed. She wanted to develop a strong brand, increase awareness, and maximise conversions.

Sadly, none of this happened with the help of those agencies, at least not to the extent that Nesreen had in mind.

She ended up having to educate the agencies on how they should market her. Without fail, she got disappointing results each time.

Nesreen heard people talk about things like Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels without knowing how it all worked. She’d had enough and decided to change this.

How She Overcame It:

To learn how digital marketing works, Nesreen joined the GVA bootcamp. After all her frustrations in marketing her business, she finally learned what it took.

In very little time, Nesreen managed to land three new clients, with each of them paying $500. The crazy part is that she only spent $20 on advertising!

Imagine the success that she’s going to have when she starts investing more. Armed with all the relevant knowledge, Nesreen is now on the way to bigger and better things.

And you can do the same. By gathering the knowledge you need to grow in the right direction, you can dominate online marketing and make your success skyrocket.

Speak soon,

Howard ‘Conversion Machine’ Kingston

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