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How Raya Stepped Into the Online Marketing World

Before Raya joined Growth Velocity Academy, she was not familiar with digital marketing at all. Sure she has a Master’s Degree in Marketing from 20 years ago, but things changed just a little bit in those 20 years 😉 Facebook hadn’t even launched then!

As you imagine, that left her with some modern knowledge gaps, and this resulted in her family business not growing as fast as she wanted it to.

She thought that Google and Facebook ads were far too complicated for her. And she knew that she had to find a way to figure it out but she couldn’t understand how it all worked.

As Raya looked for a solution, she stumbled upon Growth Velocity Academy.

Who: Raya

Date Joined: August 2020

Problem to Solve:

Raya felt like there’s no way she could figure out what makes a successful marketing campaign. Working a full-time job, she couldn’t commit a lot of her time to learning.

For this reason, she kept believing that online marketing was too complex for her.

Raya wished that she could pick up the sort of skill that would allow her to work from anywhere in the world. She just didn’t even know where to start.

How She Overcame It:

Raya joined the GVA bootcamp after seeing an ad online. She thought to herself:

‘If they’re this good at marketing, they can surely help me learn.’

And that’s exactly what happened!

Little by little, Raya started to figure out Google and Facebook ads. To be honest, she struggled at first but it didn’t take her long to catch up.

She loved the fact that she could watch the training for the entire year. This fit into her work schedule, allowing her to learn at her own pace.

Raya thought that she’d never be able to execute effective online campaigns on her own. But no longer, seeing as she’s now equipped with all the knowledge needed. She’s actively applying everything she learned and looking forward to the results.

With the right knowledge, you, too, can launch highly profitable campaigns.

Speak soon,

Howard ‘Campaign Executor’ Kingston

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