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How Lama Landed her Dream Digital Marketing Job With No Experience

Lama has a degree in marketing, but she didn't feel ready for the real world. She knew the theories but lacked practical experience. This made her a bit sceptical about her knowledge when it comes to marketing, which stopped her from getting the jobs she wanted. Here’s her story:

The world’s changing and everything’s going online, so she wanted to see if our course would help her prepare for the upcoming revolution in business.

It did.

After learning the fundamentals of using Facebook ads for marketing, she spent $15 on ads and got $90 in return in three days. That’s a six-fold return on investment!

Who: Lama

Joined: 25th May

Problem To Solve:

Lama knew everything about marketing in theory, but lacked some practical tips and tricks. Even with her university degree, she may have missed some valuable lessons about how we approach marketing today.

How She Overcame it:

We shared some applicable advice with Lama. She learned useful tricks to help her improve her marketing skills. And the most important of all was that she found out how to target her audience appropriately.

What she didn’t know was that she could be just a click away from learning everything she needed about Facebook users. Data mining is very helpful when you’re looking to identify your target customer, as it lets you do your research easily. It’s because Facebook stores details about its users, which can guide you in your marketing.

Did it work? Yes! Lama had lots of success in targeting people with Facebook ads.

Her client owned a start-up so they targeted the people who had interest in her competitors. It was a larger audience and out of that, they narrowed the data down to a specific age group for their ad.

Three days later, the Facebook ad had delivered two purchases.

Lama’s client was very happy, as you can imagine.

It goes to show how vital targeting is. But it’s really all about testing.

You specify the audience and test more interests and ages to find the most likely buyers.

Best part is, she used everything that she had learnt at the Bootcamp in her first job interview (which she got during the bootcamp!). She showed the managers what she knows and what she has done. A few days later, she landed the job!


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