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Landing Opportunities in a Pandemic?

The world is changing.

That may seem like an obvious thing to say given what’s happening right now.

But to be clear, the world was changing before all of this happened. It’s just that the pandemic feels like somebody put their foot on the gas.

Things went crazy really fast. And I know that it’s possible that the change was so quick that some people still haven’t gotten their heads around it.

They’ve felt the impact.

Perhaps they’ve lost their jobs…

Or they’ve seen the number of clients coming through their business dry up…

Whatever the case may be, they’re struggling a little.

Maybe you’re one of them. And maybe, you know that it’s time for you to change along with the world.

That’s the keyword I want to focus on in this blog – change.

Despite all of the craziness that’s going on, there are people out there who’ve managed to thrive. They’ve pivoted to the point where they’ve turned the challenges they face into something amazing.

What does that show us?

Opportunity is still out there!

I’ve had students come up to me with a common complaint:

“Nobody in my local town’s hiring. Everybody’s shut down.”

But the simple fact is that this isn’t true.

Yes, businesses in your local area may have shuttered their doors. And if you stay local, you may well find yourself struggling to find work.

However, that simply means that it’s time for you to expand your scope.

As marketers, we’re now getting used to the concept of working remotely. We’re figuring out what it takes to deliver great things, even though we’re not working in offices.

Remember, you’re a remote marketer now.

And that means you have more opportunities than ever before!

If you head to LinkedIn and search for “remote marketers”, you’ll see what I mean. The demand skyrocketed as people come to grips with what’s happening in the world.

Everybody who runs a business still needs people who can help them to market and sell online.

So, perhaps the opportunity isn’t in your local town anymore.

But it’s still out there.

Only now…it’s global!

And that means there are more opportunities than you thought possible.

But only if you know how to market yourself or your business globally.

Speak soon,

Howard ‘Opportunity Finder’ Kingston

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