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BE A BOSS! The 3 Step Formula to get your FIRST 100 Customers (GVP #019)



BE A BOSS! The 3 Step Formula to get your FIRST 100 Customers 💪

You need to launch your business, but you don't know how to get your first 100 customers.

This is the most frustrating problem for entrepreneurs and it's where 90% of startups fail. If you can't find a way to sell or market your product, then no one will ever hear about it and you'll never make any money. 

We have developed an easy 3 step formula that anyone can follow so they too can get their FIRST 100 CUSTOMERS! This formula has been tested by both our team of experts at Growth Velocity Academy as well as hundreds of other successful businesses across the world. All of these companies are using this exact same strategy right now in order to grow their company!

You will Learn: 

Tip #1 Launch too soon! 

Tip #2 Club launch strategy

Tip #3 Content-Rich Environments 

Listen now! 👇





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