On 27th October join the The Viral Content Summit™.
Learn how to build a Content Machine™ & 10x your content!

Join this ½ day online interactive workshop for a revolutionary new system to help you 10x your content & create more impact (without an expensive agency). 

This is about getting your content strategy ahead of the curve, building real impact, and positioning you and your business as a leader in your field.

Get ready to pull your sleeves up, and join a group of marketers and entrepreneurs on 27th October, to learn how to build a Content Machine & 10x your content (without an expensive agency or burning out).

We will be covering the secrets behind a content system that works harder to generate results for you:

  • How to solve the 3 most common 'content' mistakes marketers make (& how to avoid them)
  • The secrets of Scaleable Content that delivers real impact
  • How to create content that can become a cornerstone of your brand authority

Scroll down to learn all about the one day Summit and accept this invitation to be amongst Market Leaders on Wednesday, 27th October 10am - 2pm UK Time. Book your seat today…

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Dear Entrepreneur & Marketer,

We are so excited to present The Viral Content Summit™!

The problem is this: The majority of businesses don’t know how to create and distribute content that generates leads, builds trust and results in sales.

Every day marketers waste time with ineffective tactics instead of creating valuable content their audience wants to read, share and buy from. 

In a digital-first world, business owners and marketers are struggling to manage their content plan, and it seems impossible to be in all the necessary channels, with cool and effective content types, all the time. That means you never get to optimise your audience reach, and you are losing opportunities to earn and grow every day.

This is why we have designed this half-day summit and filled it with practical strategies you can start applying RIGHT NOW to see results! You're going to be working LIVE with our co-founder Howard Kingston, who will be teaching you the Viral Content Method™, including:

  • How to create 50 pieces of content in 5 minutes
  • ​How to get leads from organic content
  • How to have magnet content that your audience loves

Who is this summit for?

If this sounds like you:

  • Determined
  • Ambitious
  • Hard-working
  • T-shaped
  • Marketer/ Entrepreneur or Career Transitioner

But you might be struggling with:

  • Coming up with Content ideas
  • Knowing how and where to post them
  • Generating leads from your content
  • Attracting customers and converting them
  • Low engagement from your marketing
  • Lack of clarity on where to start
If some of the above sound like you... then welcome to the Viral Content Summit™!

Hold tight, this is going to be an intensive workshop! 

We’ve trained THOUSANDS of marketers and entrepreneurs in the past 3 years, that’s just what we love doing! The best part is you will be first in line to learn this revolutionary new content method, and you will be getting practical skills you can apply now!

We’re going to be working together for 4 hours (breaks and fun stretching sessions included). 

One day can give you a massive boost to your career... 

You can have the same inspiration just like Instagram, Nike and JK Rowling

Hear us out...

This is how one day changed the lives of these three entrepreneurs


Kevin Systrom, co-founder of Instagram, was working in marketing when one night he decided to start learning how to code.

Few weeks later, he developed a prototype of an app called Burbn which allowed people to check-in where they are on their app.

After his first meeting with potential investors, he quit his job, and 2 weeks later raised $500,000 from firms. 

That’s when co-founder Mike Krieger joined him and they decided to start a new app that focused solely on communication through images. 

Instagram launched in October 2010, one week later it grew to 100,000 new users, 2 months later it reached 1 million, until it was bought by Facebook for $1 Billion in 2012. 

The app now has over 1 BILLION active users! 

All it took is one day, one decision to produce a phenomenal breakthrough in the Social Media World 

JK Rowling

With her mother dying before her very eyes, losing a baby, and her marriage falling apart…

The entire inception for Harry Potter was created on a train ride from Manchester to London.

At this point, penniless and stuck, she wrote the entire premise for her books on that train ride (inspired by the death of her mother, and the train station her parents met at).

All it took was one day to produce her breakthrough.
Now it’s your turn to make the change you’ve been striving for… All you need is one decision!

We’re going to provide you with new skills, the latest breakthroughs that can make a difference in your business or career right now… 

You will leave the Summit equipped with new skills to build your own content machine, get new customers and become an authority in your field!

This is what you will get from a half day commitment!

How are we going to do it? 

Meet Howard - Your Instructor 

Howard has single-handedly helped thousands of individuals kick start their careers in Digital Marketing

Co-founder, Head of Content and Lead Instructor at Growth Velocity Academy

The co-founder of Adludio, the mobile advertising company that creates mobile advertising for 100+ Fortune 500 brands including Nike, Unilever, and Sony. 

TechCrunch named Adludio ‘Best Marketing company in Europe’ at the TechCrunch Europa awards 2016. 

Prior to this he launched a groundbreaking app that grew to 20m users in 2 year and won a Gold Cannes Lion for innovation. 

 He has coached approx 2,000 entrepreneurs grow their skills and their businesses over the past 5 years. 

“Digital Marketing is NEVER going to stop, the truth is, if you’re not online in this day and age, you’re not in business!”
Howard Kingston

I will be sharing first-hand knowledge and experience gained from helping thousands of marketers and entrepreneurs, and growing 4 of my own businesses that have gone on to acquire millions of customers, revenue and investment.
  • Money
  • Freedom
  • Impact
That’s it.
Sure, branding is important. But if you’re looking to grow and make moves…

You must think 80/20.

That means out of the 5 decisions and actions you can make today…

You know one will have the biggest impact. So why not uncover that “one move” and repeat them as often, as frequently, and with as much vigour as absolutely possible?

That’s exactly what these 10 breakthroughs do for you.

So the question on your mind right now…

What, how and why these breakthroughs out of all others?

Let me show you exactly what we’ll install in your business together…
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You’ll leave #GVAContentSummit with Build a Content Machine™  & 10x Your Content. These will be actionable strategies that will leverage your content plan to grow your customer and get real results!

Here’s Exactly What We’ll Cover Together (over Zoom)

10:00 to 11:00am: How to create 50 pieces of content in 5 minutes

We will dive straight in! During the first 90 minutes we will demystify content creation, and learn how it does not have to be a time-consuming impossible task. And you don’t need to be a designer, videographer or creative professional to, well… create professional looking content!

Remember that your content is your calling card to the world. It carries your message to your audience but also defines your brand image. Done right, it can establish you and your business as the leader in your sector or field, it can literally make or break you.

A great content plan represents a massive opportunity to leverage your owned channels, where you get customers and grow for FREE!

We will introduce you to The Content Machine™ a methodology that allows you create great content, multi-media and for multi-channel. Sounds unattainable? Well that’s the secret sauce -- we have been doing this for over 12 months, perfecting the methodology and the process to share with you!

We will cover the latest tips, tools and techniques to create multiplying content that works for your business and speaks to your audience, no matter which platform they are on.

Get ready to roll up your sleeves, we will be doing this together!

11:00 to 12:30am: How to go viral with your content

Now you have your awesome content, let’s make it work hard for you and your business!

Not everything in the world should go viral 🙄. But your GREAT content definitely should! We will show you how the well-oiled The Content Machine™ can get your content to the right eyeballs, and multiply its effect to reach new and relevant customers.

Great things have small beginnings.
Francis Drake

It’s not just about views, it’s about engagement! We are going to look at how you can deliver your content quickly, and kick off meaningful conversations with audiences that care about your product or service.

More importantly, let’s get those audiences commenting, sharing, liking … and loving it! 

And don’t worry, we will take a coffee or tea break as well ☕

12:30 to 1:30pm: How to have magnet content that your audience loves

Final hour, we are at the last stretch!

Let’s talk about content that is irresistible! We will cover the basic principles of creating content that is relevant to your audience s they know you are working hard to deliver what they want and need.

This isn’t some crazy telepathy trick! These are actionable rules of engagement that allow you to hit the bullseye every time so that your content becomes magnetic.  

A great content strategy should pull in the audiences and build your customer base. We are going to show you how to achieve that!

Reality is, every brand needs a social (and owned channel) presence to succeed. Most of the world's fastest growing businesses are using organic Content Marketing Strategies to generates hundreds of thousands, if not millions of $$!

With over 3.9 BILLION people on Social Media... trust me this is possible! 

After all, this is how I grew a Startup to 20m users in 18 months...with little/no ad spend.

So together we’ll master…

The top tools and tactics you need to know NOW, to master your Social Media Strategy
​The secret behind creating viral content that generates massive results for your business
​Industry secrets to building relationships and creating engaging content for your target audience

Then finally…
1:30 to 2:00pm: Action Planning

At the end of the day we’ll do a deep dive question and answer session on everything we’ve covered. We’ll look at what’s possible in terms of income over the next 90-days with your business, then work together and build a highly personalised plan of action. 

You’ll walk away inspired with a tone of newfound knowledge, tools and ultra clear road map on how to build a Content Machine™  & 10x Your Content (without an expensive agency or burning out)!

So click or tap on that red button below to claim your seat!

So what’s it like training with Howard? 

Don’t take it from us, here’s what some of our students have experienced from our Digital Marketing Programmes:
“After completing this training, I was able to find a job in the UAE as a talent manager to one of the biggest influencers in the GCC. I then moved on to secure a job as Head of Talent at Halahi app.⁠

And finally, exactly one year after, I felt I was ready to launch my own business. I now have my own Foodblog and I prepare and sell homecooked meals with my Instagram family.⁠

I always believe that we need to keep learning, explore new opportunities and train our minds to keep growing.” ⁠
Mary-Joe Srouji
“I just finished the GVA Bootcamp, it was a life changing moment really! I've been dabbling in and out of photography and film making since i was 8 years old, so i love creating things but no one watches it! So I’ve been trying to find ways for people to watch it and I’m fascinated with Digital Marketing! Since joining the bootcamp, I listen 5 times a day to podcasts and I’m consuming books. But it’s made a difference! It made a BIG impact on our business, we’ve made 11 new sales through the GVA Bootcamp, and after just 4 sales, it already covered the cost of my course! So, thank you!” 
Jon Dean
“I decided to join Growth Velocity Academy as I am an entrepreneur with my own children's tableware brand. I have been using digital agencies to launch my brand in the UAE and I was looking at a way to understand what I was asking from them and how to implement it myself as I go Global.

One of the main results from the bootcamp was that we grew our Instagram followers by almost 2,000, and we generated £2,000 worth of income on our website. Already the sales have covered my attendance to the bootcamp.” 
Celeidh Cook
“After a career in Oil & Gas Sales in London, I was in the market for a career switch. I applied for the Digital Marketing Bootcamp as a career transitioner and was paired up with Give Legacy, a Swiss startup based in Boston. ⁠

Within days of completing the Bootcamp, I was offered a role as Digital Marketer with Give Legacy. I was able to work with them for a couple of months, enhancing their digital presence. Now, I am so thrilled to say that within a few months of taking the course, I landed my dream job at Zoom, Amsterdam as an Account Executive.”
Hadi Dernaika
“I joined GVA in hopes to learn more about the new world of Digital Marketing and also hoping to open a new door for myself and get an interview in a marketing position. Shortly after joining, I landed an interview as a Marketing Specialist, and thanks to GVA, I was able to secure the position just by taking all of what I’ve learned at GVA and putting it out on the table at that interview.”
Lama Aghar

Ready to 10x your content in 4 hours?

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