Become A World-Class Marketing Director In 90 Days!

Are you ready to take the next step to reach your potential and become a marketing leader?


The complete blueprint to running a successful business. We’ll do it with the perfect mix of Accountability. Best Practice. A top-class peer group. Project focus. Personal guidance and direction from us.

Escape Velocity: Accelerator

Reach Escape Velocity and become a Marketing Leader.

We’ve been working with thousands of marketers & entrepreneurs to help them learn the skills required to begin a career in Digital Marketing. 

Now, due to dozens of requests, it’s time to help our alumni take the next step in their digital marketing careers. This is a Level 2 Program that is focused on bringing that knowledge from the bootcamp to the next level, entering a higher stream mindset, and accelerating your business growth.

This course is to help you reach Escape Velocity and become a Marketing Leader.

We’re going to be working closely together, and our goal is to get you into the ‘fastlane’ and help you make progress every month to scale your business & marketing career.

What’s in it for me?

  • The complete blueprint to running a successful business. We’ll do it with the perfect mix of Accountability. Best Practice. A top-class peer group. Project focus. Personal guidance and direction from us.
  • We’ll be showing you the blueprint to run Growth Marketing campaigns that not only attract loads of customers but convert as many of those customers into paying customers as possible that get amazing results.
  • Any one of these things can move the needle immediately for you, and our experience is that ONE of these is going to resonate with you and stand out as the BIG opportunity for you we'll be able to spend more time together with you on that area you have chosen to explore deeper or specialise in.

Program/SPRINT Overview

How we Support you on your Journey
to Reaching Escape Velocity


Each lesson we'll focus on learning and implementing a new strategy,  designed to get you some solid wins in the shortest amount of time. 

There will be a  pre-recorded training released each week that will lay the foundation for the course.


Each week you'll have one LIVE ‘Sherp’ call available to you,  where you can jump on to ask questions, get advice and we can brainstorm the specifics for getting things moving and progressing for you.

You’ll have access to me, our team’s expertise & help to get you unstuck and moving forward.


We have a private Slack channel just for Escape Velocity Members. This is where we share wins, lessons and you can reach out for additional support. Here you have the benefit of not just me, but the rest of the group…

You get to glean the collective insights, wisdom & experience from others accelerating their business and careers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m just a beginner and have no prior experience at all?

Escape Velocity Accelerator is an advanced course for marketers with a strong base in the GVA Digital Marketing method. If you are interested in starting your 10x growth journey with us, click here  to find more about our Virtual Digital Marketing Bootcamp. or get in touch with our team to discuss.

What if I’m not sure if I have the “right idea” to move forward with my business or career?  

There’s only one way to find out if it is. The ability to grow a business is not just about having the right idea. It’s about following a proven process for execution (Hint: We provide this too!)

How much time will it take to learn & implement each week?

Depending on your work or personal commitments, gain valuable industry insights and turbocharge your learning experience in record time - as short as 12 weeks - or take a leisurely trip at your own pace over 12 months.

The Marketing Director Accelerator is flexible enough to fit an ambitious entrepreneurial life and commitments, but we will keep you motivated and mentor you to reach the finish line in your own time.

You can get started and begin to see results in as little as X hours a week. Each week is designed to have some training (about 1-2 hours per week) and the rest of the time taking action. If you have more time, awesome!
So even if you’re:

• Working full/part-time
• Working Shift work
• Studying full/part-time
• Full-time parent
... you can totally make this work.

How long is the program?

The Escape Velocity Accelerator is a 12 Month program that can be completed at your own lightning speed - in as little as 12 weeks. In addition to this, you’ll have access to our Level 1 Digital Marketing Accelerator in case you want to go back to the basics.

Ready To Start Your Journey?


“You Don’t Have To Be Great To Start, But You Have To Start To Be Great.”
– Zig Ziglar

Meet your mentor


Howard Kingston is the founder of Growth Velocity Academy. He is a renowned Marketer, Entrepreneur, Coach and Speaker.

He’s had a successful career in the Digital Advertising space, he co-founded Adludio, the mobile advertising company that creates mobile advertising for 100+ Fortune 500 brands including Nike, Unilever, and Sony. TechCrunch named Adludio ‘Best Marketing company in Europe’ at the TechCrunch Europa awards 2016. Prior to this he launched a groundbreaking app that grew to 20M users in 2yrs and won a Gold Cannes Lion for innovation.

He is also the founding Digital Marketing lead for General Assembly in Europe. He has coached over 2,000 entrepreneurs to grow their skills and their businesses over the past 5 years.

Howard has an MBA from Durham University, 1st class Marketing degree, and sits on the Durham University Business School Advisory Board. In his spare time he’s an amateur farmer, traveler, triathlete. His life goal is to travel to space.

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