A good number of our former students have secured promotions or new jobs after completing our One Week Bootcamp. Here are few examples:

Joelle Atallah,
Start-up Consultant at Berytech

Digital Marketing Cohort, March 2018

After over 10 years of experience in management consulting and corporate finance, Joelle was looking to get into the start-up ecosystem in Lebanon. Her creative penchant and her passion for technology made digital marketing the thing to get into. After taking GVA’s bootcamp, Joelle was able to secure an internship at Nicho, a US-based start-up that offers businesses the possibility to control their business’ narrative by curating content from the most relevant sources on the Internet. Joelle then moved on to a new role as the Start-ups’ Consultant at Berytech, a key player in the Lebanese ecosystem for entrepreneurs, where she advises and trains start-ups with matters related to their financing and digital marketing.

Ahmad Berro,
Digital Marketing at Antwork

Digital Marketing Cohort, March 2018

Ahmad had been working at Antwork as community manager for a couple of years prior to taking the Digital Marketing Bootcamp. He signed up to the Digital Marketing Bootcamp which he ran on behalf of Antwork – applying all the tools he learned to drive new customers to Antwork. Within days of completing the bootcamp, Ahmad was promoted to the Marketing team at Antwork in addition to landing 2 freelance clients as a remote digital marketer. This has helped Ahmad increase his monthly income by 160% all whilst getting a full upgrade to his career.

Martina Kalyeva,
Marketing team, Jaleesa

Digital Marketing Cohort, March 2018

Martina emigrated from Iraq in 2015 and had difficulty securing a job in Beirut. After 2 years of searching, she landed a job with Jaleesa as data entry analyst. She applied to the Growth Velocity Academy Scholarship program and won. Within days of completing the course, she was promoted to the marketing team which included a salary increase of 140%. She was also granted an internship with one of Lebanon’s leading e-commerce platforms. Today, in addition to 2 great roles, Martina has 172 job openings in Digital Marketing available to her in Beirut!

Hadi Dernaika,
Country Manager,  Growth Velocity Academy

Digital Marketing Cohort, June 2018

After a career in Oil & Gas Sales in London, Hadi was in the market for a career switch. He applied for the Digital Marketing Bootcamp as a career transitioner and was paired up with Give Legacy, a swiss start up based in Geneva. Within days of completing the Bootcamp, he was offered a role as Digital Maketer with Give Legacy. Hadi was able to work with them for a couple of months, enhancing their digital presence before switching to join the Growth Velocity Academy team as country manager for Lebanon!


Providing a glimpse into how students applied the bootcamp onto real life businesses and achieved deliverables within a week.

Presentation - RushForLess

Rush For Less

By Nour Sukkar

Presentation Lululittle


By Joanna Khoury

Omar B Malaeb - GVA Final Presentation - June 2018

This is Generics

By Omar Malaeb

Presentation - ForandAft


By Charbel Feghali

Presentation - Give Legacy

Give Legacy

By Hadi Dernaika

Presentation Halabi Bookshop

Halabi Bookshop

By Lana Halabi

Start Up Project Companies

A sample of the fun companies that were paired up with our “career transitioner” students during the bootcamp.

Give Legacy
Bohana Life
Ohme Yoga
Eastwood College
Rush For Less

What Our Students Say

"This was so much more than a digital marketing bootcamp, I’ve learned about the Lean Start Up method and Business Model Canvas, I have a comprehensive list of books & tools I can utilise & a community at GVA to help me scale my business!"

CEO & Co-founder
The Cohort

"This course made me realise that I should have always been in Digital Marketing, I can’t wait to start applying everything I’ve learned on Monday!"

Former Mngt Consultant Booze Allen
Freelance Digital Marketer

"This course made me realise that I should have always been in Digital Marketing, I can’t wait to start applying everything I’ve learned on Monday!"

Former Mngt Consultant Booze Allen
Freelance Digital Marketer

"The course was incredibly useful – it has shown me exactly how to optimise our website by applying tracking codes, collecting email sign ups and overall UX design. Thank you so much!"

Marketing Manager
Kurban Group

"After a number of years falling out of love with traditional marketing, this bootcamp has provided me with the skillsets and the right mind-set to take charge of my career and has opened up doors with 2 really exciting projects I’m currently working on!"

Former Media Manager
Freelance Digital Marketer

"The Bootcamp has provided me with a completely new way of reaching new customers and has allowed me to apply everything from Day One!"

Digital Communications
ABC Sal Malls

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