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How To Create a Black Friday campaign that TAKES OFF (GVP #026)



How To Create a Black Friday campaign that TAKES OFF 🚀 

Now really, you can apply this to any special occasion, whether it be Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day or Easter. So why are we specifically talking about Black Friday? 🤔

Did you know, in America alone, 150 million people bought stuff on Black Friday with an average spend of $300 and it is routinely the busiest shopping day of the year. Therefore, by creating an effective Black Friday Campaign, you’re only leveraging the fact that people are prepared to buy stuff already. 🤑

In this video, I want to discuss with you the 4 key steps in creating a successful Black Friday Marketing Campaign. 🏆

The 4 questions I will answer: 

  1. When do you start prepping?
  2. What product are you promoting?
  3. What should you offer?
  4. How are you going to do it?

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