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The 3 Books That Changed my Life Forever! (GVP #031)



The 3 Books That Changed my Life Forever! 📚

Did you know there are over 1 million books published each year, yet most of us only read 2-3 per year! Why? We all know that we should be reading more books to improve ourselves but, with our busy day jobs and personal lives, it's hard to find time for it.

Today’s episode is here to help you by finding the best LIFE CHANGING book recommendations out there. These are the kind of books that will help you get out of a rut and drive you back on the road to success! Why not make these 3 books your reading material for the year? 🤓

The 3 books every entrepreneur should read: 

  1. The 4-Hour Work Week - Timothy Ferriss
  2. The 7 habits of highly effective people - Steven Covey
  3. How to win friends and influence people - Dale Carnegie 

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