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Is Remote Working a Dream or Reality? (GVP #029)



Is Remote Working a Dream or Reality? 🌐

Have you always dreamed about working from WHEREVER you want? 

Since the pandemic, there was a period that everyone was working remotely. For many businesses, the switch was challenging, however, it certainly has its benefits!

For me, even before the COVID19, working remotely had always been on my radar. I wanted a business that gave me the flexibility to travel and work from where ever I wanted! That is when I came up with the idea of Growth Velocity Academy and from there, my fully remote organisation was born. 

Since then, I have learned so much and have never looked back. It was easy to recognize the benefits, such as eliminated office costs, reduced commuting, a wider talent pool to choose from, better employee retention and streamlined productivity, just to mention a few. But if you’re thinking of introducing working from home, or putting together a new remote working policy, there are a few important things to consider.

In this episode, I will give you my 3 top tips on how to effectively structure and manage a remote company, along with some useful online tools that have been essential to my business. 

The 3 things you will learn: 

  1. Pick your beat 
  2. How to 'Jeff Bezos’ your meetings 
  3. Select your tech stack 

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